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Caring for your Q&L t-shirts

You probably already have tons of t-shirts, but do you care for them optimally? Quark & Laser t-shirts are printed with direct-to-garment technology, yielding a durable product that can take a good beating. But still, what if you want to care a little extra, here's how. Tips to keep your t-shirts looking new longer Air dry. The heat and friction from the dryer is rough on garments, especially if you're using those fancy laundry dryer balls. Just don't. Our t-shirts are super soft, so they don't need sheet softeners and what-nots. And you already smell amazing, so you don't need that extra synthetic perfume. Wash inside-out. Turning your t-shirt inside-out protects the printed design from the rogue zippers, buttons and hooks of other...

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We are ready for the holidays! Are you?

We are prepping up a few holiday surprises! We'd like to also spare you bad surprises, so here's a heads up. Order your holiday gifts before December 4th It takes some time to print and ship your gifts, so order them by December 4th if you're in Canada. If you're in the USA, you can procrastinate a bit more and wait until December 8th. (We love procrastination too!) Have a cup of hot chocolate and browse our catalog to pick your geeky holiday gifts. Don't find it in the colour you want? No problem! Just ask us with a design request and we'll make it just for you.

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The quantum mechanics of bling

Some say diamonds are a girl's best friend. I'd say they're a physicist's best model material. Diamonds are crystals, unlike Swarovski "crystals" which are not crystalline at all. They're just fancy cut lead glass. How do you spot the difference? By shooting x-rays on them, of course. See, being a crystal means there's a motif of atoms repeating regularly in space. Diffracting x-rays on this pattern will give a spectrum with sharp peaks. Being a glass means atoms are not ordered at all. Glass x-ray spectrum looks like a big potato.  The way physicists categorize crystals is with patterns called Bravais lattices. The Bravais lattice of diamond is cubic face centered, or CFC. If you want to get technical, a diamond is a CFC crystal with a motif...

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