Caring for your Q&L t-shirts

Quark & Laser t-shirts air-drying

You probably already have tons of t-shirts, but do you care for them optimally? Quark & Laser t-shirts are printed with direct-to-garment technology, yielding a durable product that can take a good beating. But still, what if you want to care a little extra, here's how.

Tips to keep your t-shirts looking new longer

Air dry. The heat and friction from the dryer is rough on garments, especially if you're using those fancy laundry dryer balls. Just don't. Our t-shirts are super soft, so they don't need sheet softeners and what-nots. And you already smell amazing, so you don't need that extra synthetic perfume.

Wash inside-out. Turning your t-shirt inside-out protects the printed design from the rogue zippers, buttons and hooks of other garment in the washing machine.

Wash with similar colours. We rarely design for pure white or pure black t-shirts, so it doesn't show too much when you're covered in cat hair or when you washed your pale t-shirt with your brand new pair of dark jeans. But try to avoid the latter.

Use the delicate cycle. Bonus: it takes less time than the regular cycle. Plus, you can't mess the water temperature.