Our story

From solving classical mechanics equations on napkins at the pub to having my picture taken with a Nobel prize winner on my PhD graduation day, I studied physics for 10 years. I spent countless all-nigthers in the lab : when the laser works and the sample is chilled at liquid helium temperature, you don’t switch it off. It was hard, and thrilling, and rewarding. I remember shedding a tear in awe of the equations for relativistic electrodynamics, because it made everything I learned fall into place. All the while, I even published a few papers in reputable journals.

Then I moved on to the world of startups and big data. I love solving problems with a computer, but I’m nostalgic of those physics experiments where you couldn’t undo, couldn’t make a backup in case something breaks. There’s just something so real, so elegant when we demonstrate a phenomenon through an experiment or through beautiful equations.

I wanted to reconnect with my physics roots and with physicists everywhere. That’s why I founded Quark & Laser. I make t-shirts that my friends wear proudly in Silicon Valley or secretly under their business attire on Wall Street. I make t-shirt to wear at their thesis defence. I'll soon make prints to decorate their assistant professor office or cushions to spice up their napping spot. And of course, all of these are sweatshop-free, sewn and printed in the USA.

I indulge in mixing obscure pop culture with even more obscure physics concepts. There’s a lot more to physics than dead-alive cat jokes, and Quark & Laser is here to celebrate that with you.

Physics geek of the world, unite! There is a place for us, somewhere, in the tail of the Gaussian curve.